Although a number of do have a majority of Alliance players, most PvP servers skew toward the Horde with some, like Kirtonos and Skeram, supposedly being 100% Horde. Since its release, 4 expansions have followed: The Burning Campaign in 2007, Wrath of the Lich King in 2008, Cataclysm in 2010 and Mists of Pandaria in 2012. World of Warcraft holds the Guinness World Report for most popular MMORPG by subscribers, with the current whole being 7 million subscribers. Fully scripted zones dungeons raids situations together with Cataclysm zones . Discover lore and artifacts of WoW's previous, together with the Corrupted Blood plague, the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, and the mysterious Emerald Dream. Other video games, similar to Aion, made a push to lure WoW's participant base. The Temple Concubine's polymorph not has the pig icon appearing when it sheeps a player but now reveals the right sheep icon. Blizzard taking every Steps required to ensure easy Experince for World of warcraft Basic Player. Blizzard says that it is currently monitoring the servers and has seen an enchancment in efficiency around the world. As more Alliance gamers are inevitably drawn to the Horde (or more balanced servers), it's going to create a good worse experience for the ones who remain.