A parkour server is a specific kind of Minecraft server the place customers complete impediment programs supplied by the server from jumping, operating and climbing up blocks. If you've performed parkour servers before, why not begin with the onerous maps? You may be used to finishing parkour maps on 90 or even 100, however why not attempt on the minimum setting? As soon as you are comfortable with Parkour on OneBlock MC, why not invite your friends to take you on? Problem your mates and go head-to-head on our parkour maps. Discover a server to play on solo or with a group of mates to have countless hours of fun! You can get rewards for inviting your folks too. From the tough pillars map to the bombtastic creeper map, there's plenty of maps to get began with. It options a bit lower than Manacube, however they nonetheless boast slightly shy of 400 maps and will take you fairly a number of hours to finish all of them.