After all, what can actually examine with the fall of Arthas? The data is normalized, meaning that the very best search quantity is given a price of 100, and every thing else is divided by 100. Thus, when the road is half the highest height, that displays half the search quantity, although we don't how many searches that number is; we can only examine the pattern. Whereas you may decrease your private contribution by focusing on drops and anything that will not cost you gold, it's not possible to get to a hundred mounts without shelling out some cash alongside the best way. Free (or out there for a non-gold forex) mounts Darkish Riding Talbuk, Darkish Battle Talbuk, the first Netherwing drake obtained, Reins of the Wooly Mammoth, Reins of the White Polar Bear, the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, all 5-man dungeon and Name to Arms mounts (assuming you've gotten entry to the latter), all raid drops, all achievement mounts (with the exception of any prices it's possible you'll accrue in your method to the 50 and a hundred mount achievements), all PVP mounts, the Fossilized Raptor and Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank from archaeology, the fully legendary Sea Turtle from fishing, all holiday drops, the mounts obtainable from new Cataclysm zones and achievements, the Argent Charger for paladins and the Argent Warhorse for everybody, the “epic” Argent Tournament and Silver Covenant/Sunreaver mounts accessible for 100-150 Champion's Seals, and any Pet Store or Trading Card Game mount that you just obtain as gifts.