Twitter to Mastodon Bots that I run

Here I list the bots (listed by twitter handles and chronologically) that I'm running from one of my SBC. The script I use is Disclaimer: these mirror are unofficial and will be removed once the owners have their own #fediverse capable social media presence.

Self hosted on

Name & description Twitter Fediverse
Respectfull Memes link link
System76 creators of hardware & #PopOS link link
The War Zone: blog about #military (US oriented) link link
The Register link link
Canadian Global Affairs Institute link link
Vivaldi Browser link link
Instant Karma link link
Cults 3D (3D printing) link link
Problem Solved (funny posts) link link
Foreign Policy link link

Hosted elsewhere

First: thanks to these site administrators to host them

Name & description Twitter Fediverse
Theatrum Belli: French blog about #military link link
JozefPrusa: CEO of Prusa printers link link
Mil Strategy Magazine link link
Prusa3D: creators of my Prusa Mk3S printer link link
Intengineering link link
ArmyRecognition: blog about #military link link
Textfiles: Jason Scott, Internet Archivist link link
PicardTips: management tips from Captain Picard link link
Darwin awards: funny posting about people acting not really intelligently link link
NATO: The account of NATO. I was really surprised that nobody had already mirrored it. link link
Defense_News link link
janesintel Janes OpenSource Intelligence link link
canadianforces: Canadian Armed Forces link link

Name & description Twitter Fediverse
TheAtlantic link link