Steps to leave #Twitter

I've started using #Fediverse apps almost two years ago. It started with #Matrix for replacing #Whatsapp & #Telegram and then extended to finding a replacement for #Twitter. I have to admit that this has proven to be a bit more difficult to accomplish.

I started with a #Friendica installation, then moved on to #Mastodon, which was really to heavy for self-hosting on a small platform. I then discovered #Pleroma and this has been my go to solution since then.

So the server part is covered, there is a good ecosystem for mobile apps and if you use the excellent #Soapbox ( addon for Pleroma, the interface is excellent for mobile use.

What was lacking however was content. is a great way to start but doesn't cover everything. I use Twitter mainly to follow news, blogs etc and getting this content on the #fediverse to be a challenge. There are numerous sites that mirror Twitter accounts but not always to ones personal taste. I started then experimenting with self mirroring twitter accounts that I liked. You need two things to accomplish this: – the mirror software (I use – hosting (of course). There are some good bot hosting #Mastodon instances on the net, such as, etc but not all my twitter requirements were met.

I gently asked for accounts and actually got some but other request where denied because of the nature of the Twitter account or limited in performance (throttled). I completly understand the reasoning behind this, but it also didn't really help me in my quest. There is also something to be said for not concentrating all the bots on one instance (I feel that there should be a dedicated search engine for this purpose but that's probably for another time).

In a next step, I decided then to create my own bot dedicated Pleroma instance (

This way, I decide myself whom to add and follow and get direct results. The workload is pretty limited as the site uses #Yunohost that is supporting SSO with Pleroma. I'm however curious about storage requirements but as this instance is only hosting his own images, it should be manageable.

My endgoal is to arrive at a situation where all the accounts I find important, have a place on the Fediverse and my timeline is filled with only known accounts...

I have another post that lists the bots that I currently “power” here